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Tragedy And The Sandfather

Tragedy And The Sandfather

Dark Faith: Invocations has been out for a few weeks now, but you wouldn’t really know it from my blogging here. You’d almost..

November 19, 2012
Cuckoo Book Launch

Cuckoo Book Launch

And the bird has flown. After a lot of work, I’m delighted to say that Cuckoo is officially back in print. If you’re a Kindle..

August 31, 2011

Dark Faith and Leekoffidils

There are a lot of award apologists involved in all branches of the arts, those who find it easier to criticise how awards are judged and..

March 1, 2011

Apex Halloween One Day Sale – DARK FAITH – 40% off!

Of particular interest to you lot, as the book has my story Sandboys in it, here’s a public service announcement from Apex Books,..

October 25, 2010

Hiram, Iris, Reviews and News

One pleasant thing about visiting Scotland was the sunny weather.  You might imagine that, living in India, the last thing I’d enjoy..

July 5, 2010

Storms and Faith

There have been some spectacular storms here over the last couple of days.  Driving rain, crashing thunder, and hours of amazing lightning..

May 2, 2010
Dark Faith

Dark Faith

Faith.  So much of our reality is determined by what we believe, and it can so easily become … undone. Editors Maurice Broaddus and..

April 25, 2010

Hotness, Disease, and Last Rites

Or, the three stages of life. Well, the three stages of this blog, anyway.  Firstly, it’s hot.  Bloody hot.  Oven hot.  India,..

April 15, 2010

Coming (Quite) Soon

Some crazy fool has put it in my head that I should perhaps venture over to the 2011 World Horror Convention in Austin, Texas, this time..

April 3, 2010

Things That Are Random

Right, a couple of random things to let you know about, if only so that I can de-bookmark some websites.  Is there a real word for..

January 5, 2010