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The Last Hurrah

The Last Hurrah

Although the vacation in Kuala Lumpur ended a week ago, it immediately morphed into one of those staycations that you have, which is why..

March 23, 2014
2011 (or, thank god that’s over)

2011 (or, thank god that’s over)

And the sun goes down in 2011. I’m unwell today, nursing a deeply unhappy stomach, and so not in a particularly celebratory mood...

December 31, 2011

Notes From An Island

It’s easy to forget sometimes that, as a species, we humans aren’t actually hardwired into the Internet. While I stayed offline..

July 17, 2011

Not A Photo Of Malaysia

The above beach is in Thailand. That’s not where I’m going tonight. Tonight I’m going to Malaysia. I don’t have any..

July 8, 2011

Waiting Ends

You know you haven’t been paying enough attention to your online life when three hot chicks have an orgy on your twitter stream, and..

June 6, 2011
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