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Reading List 2016

Reading List 2016

A few days ago I gave you a list of the top five books I read in 2016. Here’s a list of everything else (I read 30 books this year),..

December 31, 2016
Top Five Books 2016

Top Five Books 2016

2016 was a middling year for reading¬†and I, not in quality but in quantity. I didn’t read loads, but I got through a few books. This..

December 28, 2016
Top Five Books 2012

Top Five Books 2012

Another year, another top five books. I’m still reading, obviously, but most of what I have lined up for the next week or two is..

December 17, 2012

Top Five Books 2007

This year, I’ve held back on reviewing books I’ve enjoyed on this journal, and instead kept a living draft of everything to..

December 19, 2007

Book Review: A Feast For Crows

The long-awaited fourth instalment of George R.R Martin’s classic A Song of Fire and Ice, continuing the most ambitious and..

January 14, 2007
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