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Possibly Forthcoming Possible Stories

Possibly Forthcoming Possible Stories

Ah, good news has happened. Where previously I had nothing at all scheduled for publication in forthcoming months, 2011 should now see at..

April 9, 2011

Dark Faith and Leekoffidils

There are a lot of award apologists involved in all branches of the arts, those who find it easier to criticise how awards are judged and..

March 1, 2011

Look Both Ways Before Crossing The Year

Well done, you.  That’s 2010 over, and you managed not to break it at all.  Sure, by midnight it was looking scratched up and used,..

January 1, 2011

Dark Faith Nominated for Black Quill Award

News just in – the Dark Faith anthology from Apex Books (it has my short story ‘Sandboys’ in, dontcherknow) has been..

December 14, 2010

Apex Halloween One Day Sale – DARK FAITH – 40% off!

Of particular interest to you lot, as the book has my story Sandboys in it, here’s a public service announcement from Apex Books,..

October 25, 2010
Halloween Enhancements

Halloween Enhancements

Makes me feel like a spambot. Halloween enhancements for her pleasure!  Make her shudder the Wright way! Seriously though, isn’t..

October 18, 2010

Hiram, Iris, Reviews and News

One pleasant thing about visiting Scotland was the sunny weather.  You might imagine that, living in India, the last thing I’d enjoy..

July 5, 2010

Personal Devotion

I mentioned a week or two ago that Apex Book Company were running a series of interviews with authors from their Dark Faith anthology. ..

May 4, 2010

Storms and Faith

There have been some spectacular storms here over the last couple of days.  Driving rain, crashing thunder, and hours of amazing lightning..

May 2, 2010
Dark Faith

Dark Faith

Faith.  So much of our reality is determined by what we believe, and it can so easily become … undone. Editors Maurice Broaddus and..

April 25, 2010