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Voyage to the City of the Saved

November 4, 2017 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

“Beyond the end of the universe exists a city the size of a galaxy, packed with every human being that ever lived, from the first Australopithecus to the last posthuman, resurrected in a city in which nobody can die…”

I’ve been to the City of the Saved. It’s a glorious place, where everybody who ever has or will exist does at the same time, and nobody dies.


Because all of us are there at once, so are all of the stories we could possibly be in. Except for the murder mysteries.


You’ll get to the City eventually. We all will.

Before that permanent state of affairs catches up with us, perhaps you’d like a preview? Just a small sampling of some of the stories that happen in a place where anybody who ever was can meet anybody who ever will be? Where cultures wrap around one another, and technologies mash together, and a billion intrigues are happening at once?

Sure you would.

There have been five anthologies collecting some of those stories, published by Obverse Books, each one a genuinely unique (often bonkers) experience. The second book contains my story ‘The Mystery of the Rose’, featuring one or more sort-of Richard IIIs making their way through a Raymond Chandler narrative, until it isn’t, told in the first person, in more-or-less Shakesperean verse.

Probably less than more, but that’s why he’s one of the greatest writers in history and I’m…erm…not.

You probably want to read that, particularly as in the near future there might be a sixth book, and I may have…


I’ve said too much.

The Obverse Spooks are always watching…

Now you could go and buy a copy of More Tales of the City and catch up with that. Sure. Or, this weekend only, you could get all five of the City books in one ebook bundle direct from Obverse, including More Tales, for half price.

Yeah, that’s better. Go and do that instead.

Stories exist in the City that can’t be told anywhere else.

And they’re waiting for you now.

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