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That Weird Dream You Had

October 30, 2015 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Kindle-vs-KoboDo you remember that weird dream you had? A couple of months ago? Remember?

Right. Probably not. That’s the way of dreams. You’ll remember waking up from it though. All excited and anxious? When you went to the shop in a breathless panic and bought yourself a Kobo ebook device or maybe your first iPhone, and then stared at it for hours wondering what came over you?

That was me.

Sorry. I was trying a thing.

See, for a long time I’d only sold ebooks on Amazon. You needed a Kindle and an Amazon account if you wanted to read them on a device. Well a couple of months ago I changed that, and released all four of my novels on the Kobo and Apple’s iBooks stores*. By the time I was done it was too late to sit up and write the usual blog post about it, so I just sent the information straight into your minds. Because telepathy.

I concentrated really, really hard. I may have burst a small blood vessel in my eye. If you’d been awake you would have been well impressed at your sudden, certain knowledge of how my books were definitely now available for the Kobo and iBooks. Except you were asleep. Hence the sudden dreams, and the inexplicable desire to purchase expensive devices.

Telepathy, see.

Sorry again. I didn’t mean for you to buy expensive devices. I just wanted you to know that if you already had one, you could read one of books on it if you wanted.

Anyway, glad we cleared that up. To avoid further confusion, here is where you can get my books at the moment. Click through if you want me to tell you a story.

KOBO ONLY: The Kobo bookstore is having a bit of a sale, which is what reminded me about this in the first place. You can get any of my books for 50% off the cover price if you’re in the US, UK, Australia, New Zealand, or Canada. When you get to the checkout you need to enter one of the following codes, but be quick because they only last a short time.

Canada – October 28th – October 31st – Promo Code: CA50SALE

United States/Australia/New Zealand – October 27th – October 30th – Promo Code: GET50SALE

United Kingdom – October 30th – November 2nd – Promo Code: UK50SALE

Right, here’s where you can get everything:

CuckooKindle & Paperback, Kobo, iBooks

Thy Fearful Symmetry – Kindle & Paperback, Kobo, iBooks

Craven Place – Kindle, Audiobook & Paperback, Kobo, iBooks

The Flesh Market Kindle & Paperback, Kobo, iBooks

Hiram Grange & The Nymphs of KrakowKindle & Paperback

The Flesh RemembersKindle only

The Weighing of the HeartKindle only

The last two will be Kindle only until sometime after I release the last of that little trilogy. Then we’ll see.

As for the dream thing…well, I wish I could tell you that I won’t do it again but I already did. Last night? That dream you had about the clocks, and the cold, and the insurrection? That was me, letting you know a bit about next year’s big project.

You’re welcome.

*not the Nook though. Sorry Nook users. Nook’s publishing portal is an ass. That is all.


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