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Let It Go (One Does Not Simply)

November 3, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

letitboromirDisney is wise.

As long as you only listen to individual phrases in a song and completely recontextualise them to suit the thing you’re thinking of at a particular moment, at least.

Which I just did, through the medium of Boromir*. So, yeah, Disney is wise.

Also, that fecking song is totally in your head now. Even if you’ve never heard it before**. You’re welcome.

On this occasion, Disney (through the medium of Boromir***) is specifically wise about my return to Scotland from India (and it was very nice of them to dedicate a small part of a song in a major motion picture to it). It’s been five months now since I made the move, and in most regards things are settling into the new normal. There are exceptions. There is no new normal for running yet. There is also a lack of new normal for writing.

Despite my best efforts to turn away and slam the door****, I’ve been unable to stop myself from trying to apply the old patterns I had for these things on to my new life. The new life’s just fine, and there’s room for both of these things, but it’s going to take a bit more discipline than I’ve shown so far to really find a pattern. I’ve been trying to smash a square peg into a (much smaller than it used to be) round hole, and ended up with two very strange and asymmetrical shapes that really aren’t going to play well with others.

Which is a good thing. They’ve been bashed to the point of destruction, and that clears the decks a bit for what’s next. I think I might have the clean slate I was looking for. As usual, I seem to think better (or at least commit to what I’m thinking better) when it goes up here. Last year I blogged my way through the Freelance Leap, and probably got more out of those months than I would otherwise. The next twelve months, then, are more of a Semi-Professional Squeeze – finding new ways to get the most out of what time I have. I’ll blog through some of it this week. Running tomorrow. Writing on Thursday. Puppy on Wednesday…

(Oh. Um. There’s going to be a puppy. You know… to help me concentrate…)

It’s time to see what I can do – to test the limits and break through*****.


IrisMarsFrontCoverIn the meantime here is a book with a new short story from me in it, and many other gems. It has Mars in it. And cosmic wotsits. And hardcore videogaming. Sort of. Just like an adorable puppy, this book needs to be loved and cared for. You wouldn’t punch a lovely puppy in the face just for fun, would you?

Well that just makes you the perfect reader for this book. Buying a copy of Iris Wildthyme Of Mars is exactly the same as not punching a lovely puppy in the face. I won’t judge you too harshly if you fail to buy a copy, of course… but I won’t let you near my lovely puppy either.

So there.

Click through the cover to buy the hardback – Obverse Books will also give you a link to download the ebook for free. All the better for the dedicated ebook lover, as the hardback of Iris Wildthyme Of Mars would make a fantastic xmas present, especially for a Doctor Who fan…


*Yes, that’s a medium now.

**Because some things are definitely evil sorcery.

***Still a medium. Seriously.

****Because it’s in my head too and NO BLADE IS SHARP ENOUGH TO CUT IT OUT.


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