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October 4, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Running

Vapor IIYellow, isn’t it?

I can forgive it that, because I haven’t been hit by anything while wearing it. Cars, bikes, low flying aircraft… none of them can reasonably say that I am difficult to see at night.

I’ve mentioned here before that with the advent of dayjobbery I’ve really struggled to keep up with any running. I either have to get up stupid-early, or find the willpower to get going after the commute home. This was beginning to properly depress me. I couldn’t see what was going to break enough for me to keep up the miles that make my head work right.

This is because I’m an idiot.

My dayjobbery happens about 5 miles away from my house. 5 miles. Just short of a medium sized run (I usually try to make those 6 miles, or about 10km).


I don’t plan to run to work just yet – I don’t really fancy taking the time to shower and freshen up there, though the facilities exist. However I can get changed and run home, saving myself a tube journey and a second train ride in the process.

The bag is a Nike model (there are subtler colours if that’s your preference), a Cheyenne Vapor* II. It’s got space for my day clothes (assuming I wear a jacket in the morning – I don’t think I can cram a heavier coat in there), and a separate space for shoes. It sits higher on the back than you’d think, but that seems to work somehow. Yesterday, in a burst of new bag owning enthusiasm, I did my inaugural #runcommute, and my shoulders pretty much forgot it was there after the first ten minutes.

My legs didn’t. My legs knew damn well that I was heavier than normal. Still, I’ll get used to that in a bit.

And it was brilliant. I trudged along roads, through parks, through a heavy drizzle of rain, and it felt awesome. A mile into the run, all of the niggling dayjobbery concerns were falling away. By the time I got home they were long forgotten.

Oh, and I stepped into the house at exactly the same time as I would have if I’d walked to the tube, waited a couple of minutes and got on, got off at the city centre, crossed to Central Station, waited for my train, ridden it to the local station, and made the short walk home. A decent run happened, and it cost me no time at all.



I woke up this morning with sore legs and stiff shoulders, but nothing critical. I’ll see how this goes – maybe three times a week to start with, and see what happens after that. That alone would be fifteen free miles. I’ll start next week.

Not on Monday of course. On Monday I might already be a bit sore because of that there half marathon I’m doing tomorrow.

Sore legs and stiff shoulders? Yeah. Two days before the half might not have been the best time to start experimenting with this whole #runcommute thing…

You know what though? It’s made me feel better about the Great Scottish Run than I have all month. I’m well up for it. Can’t wait to get started, even. Dunno why. It’s good though.

Kick off for my wave of the half is 11:30, I think (very civilised compared to the pre-dawn starts we had to deal with in India to miss the midday heat). Wish me well. If you like you can literally wish me well during the last mile, by filling in a message here. I can’t promise I’ll be in a proper frame of mind to digest it, but it will definitely probably be there at the same time as me.

Speak soon.


*It has shed the letter ‘u’ in order to be even lighter of weight.

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