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September 27, 2014 by Richard Wright in Getting Fitter, Journal, Running

PanicballsStupidly, I’m still doing a half marathon next weekend. I can tell because this enormous label arrived this week ready to be attached to my actual body with pins.

While I hadn’t in any way forgotten that I was signed up for the Great Scottish Run (a half marathon rather than the 1/2 mile you could be forgiven for thinking I was doing based on the labelling*), I had managed to let its imminency somehow slip out of my field of vision.

My training was going pretty well back in August, but during September (with the advent of dayjobbery) eroded almost to nothing. I was feeling so bad about it that I was on the verge of pulling out of the race this week. Luckily – or possibly not  – I decided to see how I felt after an overdue eight mile run after work yesterday. It went better than expected, in that continuous running did actually occur. I’ve lost a lot of ground in a few short weeks, and no longer anticipate finishing this thing well, but I think I will finish.

That’s probably good enough, right now. Life is uncoordinated, and messy, and taking a long time to find new shapes that work. I think finishing this half marathon might make me feel a bit better about all of that.

Ideally I’d try another long, slow run this weekend, maybe ten miles or so, and then spend next week recovering and resting before Sunday 5th. However, it seems clear that life at large disagrees that I should run this thing. I’m typing this through a layer of groggy, sweaty head cold. It’s not bad enough to confine me to bed, but exactly bad enough to make outside a bit distant and scary. I suspect my race training is all but over…

I’ll take any help I can get next week, including moral support. During the last mile there will be a bank of screens that will magically know when I’m next to them, and will somehow display messages of support (or, if you’re so inclined, discouragement) as I crawl by. You can go here and write one if you want.

More on this, and all the other things that have slipped out of view over the last few months, coming very soon…

*If I pitch up on the day and discover that I have actually signed up for a half mile endurance race then I’m going to be both baffled and delighted.


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