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Kindle Unlimited & Amazon Prime

July 21, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

AmazonLast week Amazon announced that they’re starting a new ebook subscription service called Kindle Unlimited. It’s initially launching in the US, but I’ve no doubt it will spread into the other Amazon territories over the next few months. By a random act of timing all of my self-published novels are currently part of that scheme. If you’re signed up to the service, you can go and get them as part of your package.

Similarly, if you’re an Amazon Prime member elsewhere then you can also grab any of my novels as your free ‘borrow’ this month (Amazon Prime lets you borrow a book a month on the Kindle, I think).

I’m not necessarily advocating either service, but if you’re signed up anyway then by all means go get them. I get paid whether you borrow or buy, so it’s all the same from that point of view.

Stories of mine that you can get hold of this way include the one with two people in a brain, the one where a kiss destroys the world, the one where things aren’t what they seem unless they are, the one where doctors don’t need their patients to be alive, the one with teeth and snow, and the one with tentacles and Geordies.

Most of these books will cease to be part of these programmes in the next couple of months, so go and grab them now.

For everybody else, keep an eye open over the same period. You can’t have them for free, but there will be dollar sales aplenty to make up for it.

Proper post soon, possibly even today. You never know.

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