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June 5, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Wednesday 4th June, 08:00 Delhi time (03:30 UK time)

Buy Delhi

Most of our belongings were picked up last week (we won’t see those for a month or two), so we’d been rattling around in an empty, anonymous apartment for longer than was good for us. The anticipation of leaving was all we had to play with, and after so long waiting for the big day it drive us a little mad to be staring at our thumbs when we wanted to be away. I wish I could report some lingering sadness or nostalgia on leaving, but there was nothing. I’ve been done with India for a year or more, so felt nothing but glee when we got into the car and headed out for the airport. Eva was a little sad at leaving the little enclosed area she’s made her own over the last few years, and will miss her friends, but Kirsty and I were bouncing with the need to get on the damn plane.

I enjoyed the car ride. I was alert to what was happening on the journey in a way I haven’t been for a while, because the longer you live in Delhi the less you allow yourself to see. There was dust and rubble, men urinating wherever they pleased, insane crushes of traffic. Nothing I’ll miss, and it was nice to be seeing it for the last time.

We had two flights, and both of them were comfortable. The first took us into hyper modern Dubai, where we waited for a couple of hours before the Glasgow leg. Then some movies. Some food. A remarkably fast seven hours. And Scotland.

We flew in over wet, misty green hills. In Delhi the rain tries too hard when it turns up, hammering down for brief periods as though making some sort of statement. Scotland has a different sort of everyday wet, that doesn’t care what you think. It’s just there, for the long haul, and you either embrace it or you don’t.

I do. I love it. I grinned as we dropped through the clouds. I couldn’t stop, actually. It was an almost stereotypical Scottish day.

Wednesday 4th June, 20:00 Glasgow time (just past midnight Delhi time)

Glasgow Airport

I live in Scotland now. Scotland is cool.

There were friends waiting for us, and a new house to get familiar with. Everything is new, and shiny, and brilliant. I’ve been wandering, sitting, looking at things, letting them settle around me. Soon will come organising, and buying stuff, and even painting and decorating. For now, I’m just letting it feel like home.

Which it is, now. I’m home.

Bloody hell, that feels good to say.

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  1. AnonymousJune 7, 2014 at 2:22 am

    Welcome back to sunny Glasgow, Rick!!

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