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Numfar! Do The Dance Of Joy!

May 10, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Faded CarTime passes. Things progress. It is now three and a half weeks until we leave India. This pleases me an indecent amount. Sorry India, but I no longer with to be inside of you.

Our flights are booked for the fourth of June. Stuff is moving rapidly from our to-do list to our done-that list. Our car is but a fading memory, having sold last week (in related news I almost assaulted a taxi driver on Friday… probably nothing to do with quitting smoking at all). A huge amount of stuff we don’t really need has been handed over to be auctioned off for local charities, and a surveyor has been along to assess what’s left for transport.

Our gear will travel in three parts. We’ll have our luggage with us when we fly obviously, and that makes up part one. The second part takes the form of a further six or seven suitcases which will follow us by air, and should be delivered a week or so after us. Everything else is shipped by sea, and we won’t see any of that until the back end of August. Luckily, when we left the UK in 2009 we put quite a lot of furniture into storage there, and have already installed it in the new house when we bought it last year.

Everything that I can think of is pretty much in place. Our gear will be packed up at the end of May (we’ll have a few days living out of our luggage before we catch our flight), but until then nothing else ‘big’ needs to be done.

We’re good to go.

I may be the worst person in the world to talk to about India, if you’re thinking of visiting it. My frustration and exasperation with the place turned into a sort of numb resentment in 2013 (in April 2013, actually – I know the precise day and time). However, while we’ve been here a few people have taken the time to visit us. Among them were seasoned travellers Rob and Sara Davies. It’s taken them a while to process their thoughts about this part of the world, but Sara has now finished here excellent series of articles about their adventures. Sara’s thoughts are probably much better balanced than anything I could say. Her stories start with their arrival in New Delhi, and move on from there (the Pingback links at the bottom of the first post take you through the series). Enjoy!

I cannot title a blog in the above fashion without actually allowing you to witness Numfar and his dance of joy. Here you go.

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