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Cones, Corrections, And Confirmation

April 30, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life


Some might question my opening this blog entry with a picture of a traffic cone. They are underestimating the buying power of the under-represented traffic cone lovers of the world. Traffic cone lovers – this ones for you! Don’t let anybody ever tell you you’re weird*.

This cone has appeared next to potted plants and shrubbery outside my apartment block. In a different country I might assume this to have been carelessly discarded. However, I live in Delhi. The chances are high that this is a real reminder to actual drivers that manoeuvring vehicles over paved areas and shrubbery is not considered reasonable behaviour.

I have quite a hostile opinion of drivers in Delhi.

I woke up to a message this morning from my friend Sara. She was writing to tell me she is halfway through reading The Flesh Remembers, and is really enjoying it. She also said that she had spotted a typo, and asked if I wanted to know about it. A little later in the morning another friend wrote to say that she had finished my free short story His Work To See, loved it, and didn’t want it to end. She also said that it wasn’t actually clear from that promotional book that the characters continue in the novel Thy Fearful Symmetry. This suggested that I was doing marketing wrong.

Because I am perfect, and so are my books, they are clearly incorrect. I have made some calls. Later today both ladies, and everybody they have ever loved, will meet with ‘accidents’. Neither you nor I need ever be troubled by their opinions again.

You’re welcome.

I’ve got a ton going on at the minute. On Monday, as well as launching The Flesh Remembers (which is still free on Amazon for the rest of the day – go and get it now if you haven’t, and wonder when you’ll have time to read it later!), we finally received confirmation of my wife’s job back in the UK. The fact of a job was never in doubt, but the details hadn’t been finalised until that point. As well as being a tremendous relief, that was the final piece of the ‘leaving India’ puzzle. Now that we know what’s happening with her job we can book flights, organise packing, and lots more. The vagueness has been frustrating. Now we can do stuff. May is definitely our last month here.

Of course that means there’s a lot of stuff to, very suddenly, do. I can sense the incoming stress from here.

I didn’t really have Sara and Gemma executed. Just so you know.

Other authors may feel otherwise, but I always prefer to hear about these things. No book goes out the door perfect. It doesn’t matter who the writer or editor is, whether it’s self-published or put out by a big publishing house. It’s like a secret law of books. I read The Book Thief earlier this year on the Kindle (which broke my heart, and which I think you really, really should read). As I read it I found three typos of the minor sort that don’t bother me, and one major formatting problem that left me very annoyed but which I forgave the book for. There are probably other issues that didn’t register with me as I went through, but might with somebody else. I don’t know Markus Zusak or his publisher, but if I did I’d probably let them know.

In my case both of the books in question are only available as ebooks. This makes them a doddle to fix. I can’t speak for other authors, but I’m always extremely grateful when people take the time to help out like this. Thank you ladies! You make books better, and are now my favourite people.

I’m also grateful to all the people who are sharing the links to The Flesh Remembers while it’s free. Some of you are long time readers, others are new, and some don’t really want to read it but are happy to help out. Whichever you are, thank you! It’s beyond helpful.

Two out of three days on the launch promotion so far, and 220 books have been downloaded. It breaks down as:

United States – 162

United Kingdom – 35





Japan – 

Nothing in other territories as yet.

I’m very pleased with how it’s all going, especially as this is a very stripped down release. The only reason anybody’s finding and downloading it is that you’re telling them. Thank you!

I’ll report the final figures in Friday’s freelance blog, so come back then and see how it went. There’s still time to help, too. If you want to get behind the book and haven’t yet, do consider telling people about it via your blogs, Tweets, Facebook, etc. You know how it works by now. If you decide to join in, sharing seems to work better when it’s the book page on Amazon you’re linking to rather than this site. Readers can pop along and get the book straight away, without having to stopover here.

Tomorrow I’ll be blogging through the day while I write this week’s The 52. It’s a little late in light of the whole book launch thing, but I think you’ll like this one. It has a tiny skeleton in it. After that I’ll be changing the project’s weekly day to Wednesday. I usually release new books on a Monday, which always impacts The 52. Shifting it to a less busy day should keep it regular.

Right. Busy. Things and stuff. See you tomorrow.

*You are weird, obviously, but don’t let anybody actually tell you that to your face. We’ll do it behind your backs. It’s the courteous way.

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  1. Andrew ToynbeeApril 30, 2014 at 5:51 pm

    Glad to hear Sara and Gemma are unharmed. I was getting ready to call the hospitals. Not to mention you would have had a lot of trouble sourcing future Beta readers.

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