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The 25 Day Novel: Day 19

VictoryLast night’s nicotine dream…

We were living in a  fascist regime either run by or policed by daleks (I’ve a nagging feeling there was somebody else actually running things). It had come to our attention via means unknown that a person would be born who in 20 years or so would be the world’s most effective leader, but the trouble was that nobody knew who for. The daleks had already identified the unborn child, and had the mother in captivity in a terraced house in Newcastle (as you would). However, we’d gone one step further and somehow infiltrated them months earlier. While they had control of the mother, they didn’t realise that it had been my wife all along. With the due date fast approaching, my job was to break her out. Sitting room based hijinks ensued, including sitting drinking tea with the dalek and trying to make small talk while hoping it didn’t suspect that my visit wasn’t entirely social by nature.

I don’t remember how the rescue went, although I can picture a dead body by the fireplace. I managed to get back to my day job without being further questioned, but when everyone started lining up to be searched I started looking for a way out. I’m not sure why. It’s not as though I was carrying a woman pregnant with a potential messiah figure about my person.

I’d be a rubbish resistance leader.

Yesterday I reached exactly 70,000 words on what is now the 25 Day Novel. It’s a nice round figure. I have to confess though that when I finished writing for the day I actually had 69,995 words. I went back in and found somewhere to write exactly five extra words, because the difference between a big number starting with a ‘6’ and a big number starting with a ‘7’ is worth being pedantic over.

Round numbers are good. Today, for example, I need to write exactly 5000 words in order to stay on track. I’ll probably take a while to start putting new words down, because I’m leaving Ro where she is and backtracking to catch up with what Scott has been doing. He’s now at least five chapters behind her in the action, so I need to balance the books.

13:00 – 16:15. 5010 words. Well, that hasn’t happened in a long time. One long, three hour stretch of almost uninterrupted writing, and I’ve cleared my words for the day. Of course, there’s a good reason why this approach is rare. It’s bloody exhausting. My head is fried, and I don’t have any will left to push on further. I can’t evaluate what I’ve just written in any real sense. Two chapters done, sending Scott beneath the streets of Edinburgh, but I’ve no sense of whether the words stand or need an overhaul. I shouldn’t complain too much – I’m on track, which is the most important thing.

With 5010 words written today, the 25 Day novel is 75,010 words long. Three quarters of the way there, basically. That feels very good. I like that.

I’ve no plans to pick this up over the weekend. I’ll be busy doing some groundwork on Hiram Week, which launches on Monday, and prepping the first free short story of The 52, which I’m also going to spring on you on Monday or Tuesday.

See you Monday, for what should be the final week on this first draft!

While I’m writing this novel, I’m also preparing to release another called The Flesh Market in February 2014. A story of science, murder, obsession, and the walking dead, the book creeps between the slums of 19th century Edinburgh and the ivory towers of its academia. In the next couple of weeks, well before the book is released, I’ll be giving everybody signed up to my email newsletter a free ebook copy for their Kindles, Nooks, smartphones, etc. At the top right of this page is a ‘Newsletter Signup’ box. Stick your email in and you’re done. Your details will never be passed on, to anybody, ever. Thanks!

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