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Tea and Cheesecake

January 12, 2014 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

AssamI became 39 yesterday. My wife was quick to point out that this means I am actually in my fortieth year, and I’m not sure her evident glee at this was entirely seemly.

The day passed in quiet fashion, being mostly of tea and cheesecake. I managed to read things of great worth and secret delight. That sort of a birthday.

I did no work at all yesterday, because that’s what you’re supposed to do on a birthday. I thought I had today to tackle a variety of things ahead of tomorrow, but Other Matters Arose. I am now behind, and shall adjust things. No writing for me tomorrow, except at the edges of other things. Hiram Week is about to descend, and I have to be ready. Hiram has a Webley. Never disappoint the man holding the Webley. Basic rule for personal prosperity, that.

I’ve also decided to postpone The 52 for a second week instead of also starting that tomorrow. It’s a bit frustrating, with the first two stories already lined up ready to post, but there you go. Trying to launch two things at exactly the same time does neither of them any favours. Stay tuned.

I think I like being 39 more than being 38. It’s a bit more exciting. I have a lot of things on the go, and this is likely to be the most productive year writing I’ve ever had. It’s certainly starting off on a positive and happy note, and nothing in the world could possibly jinx that.

Could it?

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Currently reading (short stories): Gotrek and Felix: The Anthology, edited by Christian Dunn.

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