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The December Book: Countdown, Day Eight

November 13, 2013 by Richard Wright in December Book, Journal, Writing

Edinburgh AboveI let myself sleep until 07:30 this morning, then went straight out for a 5k run. It was unusually brutal experience. My limbs felt leaden all the way round, and I had none of my usual bounce. Running has been one of the things that has suffered while I’ve chased down the end of this novel, but it’s only been a week since I’ve been out. Not long enough to account for today’s struggle. I think what counts more towards it is my diet, which gets a bit haphazard when I’m deep into a writing project. Mostly, I just forget to eat. When I remember, I tend to grab whatever’s nearest to me.

A writing diet and a running diet are not the same thing. They should be though. My sluggish output yesterday might have been avoided if I watched what I eat. Sedentary although it is, writing does require energy, and having forgotten to keep fuelling myself properly I may have paid the price.

I’ll be a bit more mindful today. I’m starting late, as recovering from the run took longer than usual too, but I have a long afternoon ahead of me. I meant to sit down and plan out how many more chapters I think I need to tell the story, but I want to get on with writing.

I’m starting the day with 86,432 words on The December Book. My target today, to hit 100,000 by Friday, is 4522 words.

11:00 – 12:00. 1021 words. A court scene, which has me bouncing between books and websites to get a feel for how it might have been to be on trial in Scotland 200 years ago. My head is spinning, but the scene’s playing out well. Going to stretch my legs a but, then get straight back to it. I’m expecting the next bit, a cross-examination that really happened, to fly by.

12:30 – 13:15. 1019 words (2040 total). All good stuff. Need to go out to the shop in a minute and find things to cook for tea. Back soon.

I also remembered to have some lunch. After writing about the importance of fuel this morning? Nearly forgot again.

There’s a couple of hours before Kirsty returns from work, so time to get cracking before the day becomes bitty.

14:20 – 15:15. 990 words (3030 total). This chapter’s running long, but there’s not enough left to carry over into a new one. I shall let it be the length it wants for now, and argue with it later. Another stretch, yet another coffee, then I’ll be back.

16:10 – 17:30 (with a ten minute break in the middle to say hello when Kirsty got back). 1492 words (4637 total). Court drama is complete, and now there’s a jail cell, chains, and a waiting gibbet. A good place to stop. That waiting gibbet is a big part of tomorrow’s action, and something to look forward to.

So today I added 4627 words to The December Book, bringing the total word count up to 91,069 words. I’ve crossed the 90,000 mark, albeit a day after I intended, and the book is still going strong. I think I know what I still need to do to finish it, and have my fingers crossed that I really will get there this Friday.

I’m off to relax, an turn a fish (maybe more than one) into a pie.

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