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The 20 Day Novel: Day 2

BookToday is going to be a bit of a challenge, for I have a lurgi of some description that is making me crave the bathroom and the bed far more than my study. Bleugh. I’d take the day off if I could, but that would leave me horribly behind. Also, the boss? Absolute slave driver.

I’m starting my day way late as it is, so it’s past time to get started. As yesterday, I’ll continue editing The Flesh Market through what’s left of the morning, then later I’ll switch to the new book. With my aim to complete a 100,000 word novel in nineteen days, Scrivener tells me I should aim for 4934 words today.

11:05 – 13:15. I got some chapters edited, but it’s not going well. I’m tempted to switch round my week, and take today off. I have sweats now. Going to take a break, try and eat something, and see how I feel in an hour.

I think I’m going to have to declare this afternoon a bust. I’m off to bed for an hour or two, and see if that helps any. If it does I’ll try to write new words this evening. Meh. I only hope this doesn’t carry on into tomorrow. It feels a lot like an oncoming migraine, which I haven’t had for a long time (and so am possibly due).

Gah. No new words. Not a single one. And I feel wretched. The 20 Day Novel remains 6249 words long. I’m off to bed. Tomorrow morning I’ll find out if this migraine is going to fade away or drag on.

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