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Nehru ParkUp early this morning, and after getting the sprog to school headed straight out of the door for a run around Nehru Park, which was unusually quiet. This dog thought so too.

The last few weeks have offered fairly cool, grey mornings. It’s the tail end of the monsoon season in Delhi right now, and the weather likes to stay non-committal until the very last moment. Bland skies are common, and they promise only that weather will happen at some point. Perhaps the sun will break through, or perhaps there will be another of those downpours that literally turns roads into canals. The sky is a great big tease.

Still, while it’s making up its mind (especially at daybreak) there’s often a serene hour or two. The ground might be sodden from overnight storms, but if you can force yourself awake and out the door then the temperature hasn’t been too bad for running. A little humid, but manageable. It’s been a nice way to ease myself back into something that looks like a regular running regime.

This morning though, there was heat again. It was a forcible reminder of what part of the world I’m running in, and a preview of things to come. When the rains die down, there’s going to be at least a couple of months of ‘just too hot’ before we’re back to a sensible temperature. I’ll have to train through it anyway in order to be in shape to run the half marathon in November. Thankfully, by the time of the actual race we’ll be in that magic month of ‘nice weather’ before it gets gloomy over xmas – the race itself won’t be nearly as grueling as some of the runs leading up to it.

Things are still a bit touch and go with my back, the muscles of which revolt during the oddest moments (sitting down to read a book), but seem perfectly happy while I’m actually running about. I should really go back to some sort of medical person about the whole thing, but there’s a chance they might advise that I’m running too soon. That advice would make me sad, and so I’ll avoid receiving it unless absolutely necessary.

Right now I’m ignoring the random warning spasms of pain, and planning ahead. Still hoping to do the Delhi half in November, the Mumbai marathon in January, maybe the Tokyo marathon in February (luck of the draw, for getting a place), and the Rishikesh half marathon in May. It seems a lot, but I love running around overseas, and bitterly regret wasting three years not doing this sort of thing. I’m now inside my last twelve months here, hence the need to over-compensate.

So, what sort of training plan should I use to get me through four runs of varying length and difficulty (of them all, I’m expecting Rishikesh to be the hardest by far)? I’ve thought long and hard about this, and decided…

Not to bother with one.

I’m just going to wing it. Last year I did formal training plans for both the half marathon and the full,. They were a useful way to get my head into the whole thing, but I’ve got the basics now. I’d like to see how I get on just working things out for myself. Sounds good, but we’ll see if I can stay as motivated without a regimented routine.

it’s good, being able to think about this stuff again, and being able to run. I like this bit. Apart from anything else, a thirty minute run this morning made two completely separate story pitches fall into place in my subconscious, ready to be typed up and sent off. It’s amazing how often that happens.

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