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Craven Place – Launch Day!

July 1, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

Craven Place PBWe’ve finally arrived – today is the official launch of Craven Place on the Kindle, and in paperback. My nerves are officially shredded. Without further ado, here are the links:

Kindle: Everywhere (link is to your regional Amazon)

Paperback: USA, UK, Canada

For the first twenty-four hours, the Kindle version is free on Amazon, then it jumps up to full price. Go and download a copy now. You might be inclined to hold off on this, in order to buy a copy tomorrow and put some money in my pocket. This makes you among the nobler representatives of the species… but please don’t. The more people who download it now, the higher the book will climb in Amazon’s free charts – and the higher it climbs in the free charts, the more people who don’t read this blog (and don’t have the faintest idea either that I exist or that I have a book out). At the moment, finding the readers who might love the book is actually more important than filling my purse, and that nudge up the charts created by your download helps that to happen.

If you’d like to support Craven Place, you could try one or more of the following.

  • Read the book, and leave a review on Amazon. This will help new readers to work out if the book might be to their tastes. Honesty is far more useful than supportive enthusiasm in this. Whatever your rating, a few words about why is the more important thing to add. I’m not trying to trick new readers by generating tons of five star reviews that the book may or may not deserve, I just trying to give them good information (after all, that’s what a review should be).
  • Tell somebody about the book. Whether you do this by tweet, FB, blog post, or by actually talking to them is all the same to me.

It might not feel like you’re doing very much, but it genuinely helps. If you still feel like you want to pay for something, then I’ve plenty of other books that might be to your taste (or just nab yourself a paperback of this one for your shelf).

Okay then. Time to see what happens to the book. Before I go though, a quick note of thanks for somebody I omitted from the acknowledgements in the novel. You. You keep popping back here, week in and week out to, to see how things are going, and what new stuff is happening. Whether you’re one of the handful who leave comments or one of the silent majority who I know only as a bump in my website stats, thanks for sticking around and being interested. Not much more I can ask for than that, and I’m very lucky that you’re out there. Thank you for playing.

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