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The Mystery of the Rose – preview

May 11, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

RoseBelow, as promised, you will find my enormous face reading the first page or so of my short story ‘The Mystery of the Rose’, out loud, using actual words.

I don’t read my work in public very often, and this is perhaps why. In fact the only time I’ve ever done it was at the World Horror Convention in Texas a couple of years ago, to a group of amiable drunkards (writers, basically). That seemed to go very well. Perhaps you should go and have a few drinks, then come back.

‘The Mystery of the Rose’ is set at the end of time, in Philip Purser-Hallard’s extraordinary City of the Saved. Every human who was ever born or ever will be lives there in a non-secular afterlife that everybody assumes will last forever (the City is big – about the size of a galaxy). ‘Mystery’ will be published in the next month or so by Obverse Books. They tend not to do pre-orders, as they don’t like taking your money and keeping you waiting. As soon as the book is available, I’ll let you know.

Philip Purser-Hallard has done his own series of trailers for the stories in the book, wisely avoiding public humiliation by doing it with typing. You can see what he says of ‘Mystery’ here.

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