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March 17, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing


As you can probably tell, this website is basically an enhanced blog, and the content rolls each time I make an entry. Every now and again then, I like to drop in an entry for people stumbling across this place for the first time, as a quick start guide to which among my books might suit them best (something I spotted Brian Keene doing a couple of years ago, because Brian is smart). This is that post.

If you’re new here, then hello! My name’s Richard Wright, and I write strange dark fictions. Quite a lot of people have enjoyed them, and I hope you will too. Please scroll down and see if anything appeals. I hope you’ll give something a try, and that you stick around for a while. 2013 and 2014 are both going to be massive years for my storytelling for lots of reasons, and the more of you that come along for the ride, the more fun it’s going to be. For now though, the books below are are fine way to get to know me better.

Craven Place

Before that, would you like to get my next novel for free? Craven Place will be released this summer, initially for the Kindle and in paperback, and then for all other ebook readers a couple of months later. It’s a haunted house story, or possibly a locked room murder mystery (depending entirely on which characters you have most faith in), and I hope it’s going to offer both atmosphere and hijinks. It’s not like my other books, but they’re not much like each other either, so that’s all right. If you’d like an ebook copy for free – a month before the official release – sign up for my occasional email newsletter (there’s a signup box at the top right of this page, or click through the banner and do it there).

It doesn’t stop with Craven Place though. My writing career is split in two at the moment. Some stuff is published traditionally, through an array of exciting publishers. Some stuff is self-published. This makes me a ‘hybrid’ author, for those who have to have names for such things, because I do my best to have the best of both worlds. Anyway, though I haven’t made any proper announcements yet (in fact, the current subscribers to the newsletter don’t know this yet) it’s my intention that everything I publish myself, for the next couple of years at least, will go to newsletter subscribers for free – always in advance of the official publication date. There’s no catch to this. Sign up, and you’ll get the same books other people are buying on Amazon etc, for nothing.

Anyway, on with the motley.

His Work To SeeHis Work To See is probably the best place to start with my currently published fiction, mostly because it’s both short and free.Trying it out doesn’t hurt your wallet, and won’t soak up more than a half hour of your time.

More dark fantasy than pure horror, the story invites you to watch the fallen angel Ambrose fight the forces of Heaven and Hell for his right to be in love with an angel called Pandora. Neither of the Great Powers is particularly keen that this workplace romance continues, as Malcolm McClinton’s beautiful cover suggests, and Ambrose is not given an easy ride.

Click through the image, and you’ll find a bunch of links that take you to the major ebook stores (Nook, Kindle, Kobo, Smashwords, etc). Give it a whirl – even if you don’t own or plan to own an ebook reader, this is short enough to try on your phone or laptop, and will  give you an idea of whether you want to get into more of my stuff. The book’s yours for the taking. Go and take it.

The short story was originally published many years ago, and stand on its own feet. However, the events depicted are also central to what turns out to be the end of the world in…

Thy Fearful Symmetry Thy Fearful Symmetryis last year’s novel release, and if the apocalypse is your idea of a good time consider giving this a try. Despite His Work To See being a prequel of sorts to the novel, you can jump straight in here (most readers have, and then picked up the prequel afterwards for completion’s sake), as it contains everything you need to know.

Fallen angels at war, the dead on the streets, rivers of blood, demons crawling through the shadows… it’s fair to say that TFS gives plenty of bang for your buck. The novel’s been well reviewed, with more than one reader pointing out that fans of Supernatural will be particularly pleased by it (I’ve never followed that show, so can’t really comment further).

And it’s literally a buck, too. That’s the price of the ebook for the next few months, so it’s the perfect time to slide it onto your device ready to dip into when you get the urge. The book is also available in paperback. Click through the cover for linky goodness to the various online stores that stock it (pretty much all of them – if I haven’t linked to where you normally shop, a search will turn this up).

“The writing is gorgeous, evoking the perfect emotions at just the right times. Mixing horror and thriller aspects, Thy Fearful Symmetry literally kept me right on the edge of my seat. Let me be the first to say that I hope, if the world does end, it doesn’t end this way.” – Jessica Nottingham, Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile

cuckooCuckoo was my first novel, and was out of print for many years until I republished it myself in 2011. It’s a very different type of story from TFS, a dark, sometimes brutal psychological horror about a man who discovers that his memories – his whole identity – might not be his own. Hunted and haunted, he sets out to discover why his mind and body are betraying him and confront the powers that have twisted up his existence. It comes with the tag line: “The fight to survive is all in the mind.” That sums the novel up very nicely.

The novel has also been very well reviewed in its various editions (this is the third) – here’s a link to one of the very first it received, when it was released as a floppy disk back in 2000 (remember floppy disks – they weren’t even floppy!). Click through the cover for an assortment of ordering links – Cuckoo is available in every ebook format going, and also in paperback.

“It takes a lot to to produce a book that is so thrilling yet thought provoking at the same time, and Richard has talent in bucket loads.” Jim McLeod, Ginger Nuts of Horror

Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of KrakowHiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow is the final full length entry in the Hiram Grange adventures published by Shroud Publishing. As a bookmark to the series (of five novellas), it ties up some ongoing threads laid down in the previous books, but again there should be enough detail here to jump into this book in its own right. The tone is…

Well, just insane, frankly. Hiram is a modern pulp creation, and this is action, adventure, and conspiracy from the very first page. I like to think of it as what Indiana Jones might have been like, if Indiana Jones was addicted to everything it is possible to become addicted to, and was the most morally detestable man ever to have graced the screen…

In this yarn Hiram is drawn to Krakow to unravel a mystery that has stolen young men from the streets, and discovers that everything he thought he stood for may have been a lie.

Shroud Publishing have yet to release this as an ebook – the (beautifully designed) paperback is your only option, but click through and there are links that will put it in your hands within a week. Stuart Douglas gives a nice review here.

I’ve also had short stories published in a number of anthologies over the years – you can find them here, from the most recent to the oldest. Have a browse, and see if anything grabs your interest.

Coming soon… as discussed, this summer will see the release of my new novel Craven Place, about which I’ll be writing plenty in the coming months. Next year, you can look forward to the release (at long last) of the Lomax Chronicles, starting with a new edition of The Flesh Remembers in January 2014, and with a further two novellas across the year. Other work that I can talk about (because they’ve been announced by the publishers) include short stories in the forthcoming anthologies Nightscapes vol. 1 from Nightscape Press and More Tales From The City from Obverse Books. There are other things lurking in the background too that aren’t ready to be announced yet. As I said at the start, it’s going to be a busy couple of years – this just scratches the surface. I’m excited. I think you will be too. Stick around and find out.

Currently reading (novel): Throne of the Crescent Moon, Saladin Ahmed

Currently reading (anthology): Chiral Mad, edited by Michael Bailey

Currently reading (anthology): The Weird: A Compendium of Strange and Dark Stores, edited by Anne and Jeff Vandermeer

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