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Happy Holi

March 27, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Holi Eva

It’s the festival of colours here in India, light triumphing over darkness, and everybody celebrating by… well… by covering each other in paint.

You can’t escape Holi in India. Holi will hunt you down and paint you. You might as well arm yourself fight back.

I’d encourage you to join in, but I’m fearful of the consequences. If you’re reading this in Glasgow, or Seattle, or Boston, then you’re welcome to try. By all means, walk up to strangers in the street and smear them with bright, colourful paints and dyes as they go about their business. Just don’t come crying to me when they beat you to within an inch of your life and leave you bleeding and weeping in the gutter.

Happy Holi!

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