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Future Home?

March 28, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

New House?Things are still at the sort of stage where there could be problems yet, but that’s never stopped me getting ahead of myself before. The above might be the back of our new house in the UK. At the moment we’ve put in the offer and it’s been accepted in principle. Nobody else appears to be bidding, and so it looks like it could be in the bag.

Which is awesome. Mostly, it’s a bungalow with plenty of floorspace. Two bedrooms downstairs, living room, sitting room, brand new bathroom, an awesome kitchen, this south-facing garden, off street parking at the front (it looks smaller in the photo – like many of my favourite things, it’s bigger on the inside). Upstairs in the loft conversion, another bedroom (which you can see the windows of there), and at the front an office.

An office that will be mine. Not a spare bedroom with a laptop on the dresser. An actual office/study that I can do what I want with.

Please don’t let anything go wrong…

Posting on FB about looking at houses has caused some confusion about whether we’re moving back to the UK soon. We’re actually not – we still have about a year and a half here in India before we return late in 2014. It just happens that my lady saw the right house with the right things in the right place. It’s round the corner from where Phil and Lo, two of our best friends, live (a tip for those of you looking to move house – try to get property near where Phil and Lo live, because they’re just splendid) – which meant we could send the girls in armed with cameras to check it out. Their report was good, and the Home Report didn’t show up any nasty surprises, so we had to make a quick decision. It’s not the sort of place that’s going to sit for months on the market, waiting for us to make up our minds.

We put in an offer. It’s been accepted. There’s still a tiny window where either party could wriggle out, but it looks…

Well, it looks like we might own a house, although we won’t actually be living in it for another year and a half.

Of course, even though we have a chunk of deposit to put down, this still means re-entering the world of mortgages and all the other associated homeowner stuff we’ve been free of for the last four years. Now would be an excellent time to buy one of my books.

Still, fingers crossed it goes through smoothly. We want to live there, and it would be a weight off knowing it was waiting for our return. If not… well, we hadn’t been planning on looking for a house for at least another six months, so we’ll have plenty of time to keep searching.

If it goes through, then we’re all set for our eventual return. All we need now is a dog. Probably better that we don’t pick one up now and leave it in the house ready for our return in eighteen months.

That would be messy.

For now, especially with the Easter weekend approaching, we’re going to put it from our minds for a bit. To help, we’re off for a couple of days in a tent by the Ganges, and some white water river rafting. That should do the trick.

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