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Full Time Change

February 20, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, The Freelance Leap

Write Your StoryChange is good. So it’s time to change, at least for a little bit.

In around about seven months, barring something unforeseen, I’ll be hitting pause on dayjobbery and writing full time. You could say that I’m ‘a bit excited’ about that.

The short version is that my contract for the dayjob, which is why I’m in India in the first place, ends at the start of October. My ladywife’s contract extends beyond that by almost a year. There are opportunities for me to keep working ad hoc during the months in between, and I’d assumed that was exactly what I was going to do. I’ve toyed with the idea of taking the year off several times over the last few months, but never seriously. Fun to contemplate certainly, but not really something that was actually going to happen. I’m not ready yet, you see.

A couple of days ago, I changed my mind.

Which sounds very simple, but isn’t.

Still, the decision’s made now.

I’m lucky to be in quite a unique position. I’m not quitting work, exactly, instead I’m just parking it for a while. When it comes time to return to the UK I’ll have exactly the same opportunities to pick up my career as I would if I did that ad hoc work, which is a hell of a safety net. My ladywife is also behind me, because she’s awesome. As she says, when am I going to get another chance like this again?

There’s quite a lot of thinking to do in the run up in the next seven months, and pressure too. If I’m taking eleven months out to focus down on writing, I figure I’d better have something to show for it at the end. I need to have a better idea of what I’m doing than just ‘write some stuff’.I don’t yet know what the goal is. Stay self-employed when I go back to the United Kingdom? That would be nice, but I’m not banking on it. What has to happen is that I end that year much closer to where I want to be than I start. And where is that?

Well, that’s what all the thinking’s for.

And maybe a spreadsheet. Spreadsheets help the thinking.

It doesn’t really start in seven months, of course. By the time I get to November, I’ll have published another novel, and finished the first drafts of two more. There will be short stories on top of that, and hopefully at least two novellas and a novelette (though if anything gets crowded out, it will be those). I’d already marked this as an important year.

it may be that it’s just a warm up. Let’s see what happens.

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  1. Marisol Dunham (@maridunham)March 21, 2013 at 7:35 pm

    Lots of luck! I know how hard it is balancing day job with career. I’m rooting for you! 🙂

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