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Getting Fitter

The Route

Mumbai Marathon

Oh dear god, look at it. That’s what I’m doing in eleven days. Look at how many hospitals there are marked along the route. Do there have to be that many hospitals? That’s not reassuring at all!

And the bridge… the Bandra-Worli Sea Link over the Arabian Sea… three and a half miles long. More than a tenth of the whole marathon on one single, endless bridge as the heat spirals upwards* and the crowd surges on…

To say that I experienced a ‘touch of the jitters’ while contemplating this diagram earlier would be entirely accurate.

If you haven’t already, you can sponsor is here if you like. Anything is appreciated, even a fiver. It’s added up to nearly £2000 for the Royal Marsden Cancer Charity already, and the more we can add to that in the last week the better. Huge thanks to those of you who have chipped in already – people all over the world have added small amounts to make a big pot, and it’s a huge boost to all of us on the team.

The Bridge

*today, at 05:30am (when the race will start) it was 24 degrees Celsius and hit 30 degrees by 11:00. That’s a starting temperature of 75 Fahrenheit, going up to 86 before lunch…

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