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Resistance Is Futile

January 1, 2013 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing


How are we all, this fine New Year’s Day? Drained? Paranoid? Strung out? Are you sure things happened recently that you don’t quite remember? Do you feel like a completely different person from who you were last night?

Then you have a lot in common with Greg Summers, the main character in my novel Cuckoo.

I know, I know. You’re feeling weak. Vulnerable. Barely able to string two thoughts together. It’s the worst possible time to fight back against an obvious sales pitch. This blog is clearly taking advantage of your weakened state. You should resist…

Shhh. There’s nothing to worry about. We’re all friends here. You can trust me. Listen to the soothing sound of my voice. Let me make those pesky decisions for you…

There are links below. Find the one that takes you to your reading gizmo. When you click it, and you will, then be humbled and amazed that the book is a mere 99 cents (or it’s converted equivalent in your local currency). A whole two dollars less than its usual retail price! How can you resist? Why would you resist? Click the purchase button. Then I will let you sleep.

Alas, if you are a lover of the paperback then there is no discount for you. Do not let that deter you. Click the purchase button. You will barely remember doing so, and in a few days a lovely new book will be in your hands and you’ll hardly know why. Imagine your giddy delight, on that day! Imagine how much better you’ll feel than right now…

You will wish to share this news. You have to make some sort of social media appearance today to reassure your loved ones that you still live, yet your usual wit has likely been crushed by the full weight of the toxins you ingested yesterday. Do not strain yourself creating tired one-liners that they will barely register. Instead, share this post with them.

And when you’ve done that, you may rest.

*brought to you by the campaign to make Cuckoo feel less like the forgotten sibling, after Thy Fearful Symmetry absorbed most of the 2012 love…

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