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Doomsday Reading

December 20, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Poster ArtBlood will flow. Fire will fall. Days will end.

Tomorrow, the world is going to end. That’s what the Mayans thought, anyway. Four days before Christmas. On the down side, you’ll never know what those brightly wrapped wonders beneath the tree might be (as the world is ending, this year I have invested in empty cardboard boxes and wrapped those – I’m going to be so embarrassed if the Mayans were wrong). On the plus side, you’re spared an awkward family meal during which alcohol would simmer ancient resentments to boiling point, same as every year. Every apocalypse has a silver lining, and all that.

Of course, my latest novel is about the end of the world. This is a marketing opportunity. Bit of a narrow window, I grant you, but nevertheless…

Go and buy a copy of Thy Fearful Symmetry. If the world ends, you can die knowing you made a writer very happy. If the world doesn’t end, you can soothe your disappointment by experiencing what it could have been like.

Aware that the world is ending, some book reviewers have been catching up on their reading. Yesterday, Dark Eva posted her review of TFS. Among other things, she points out that “If you’re looking for your next “fallen angel” read, or somewhere else to get your angel fix with Supernatural off the air until the new year, definitely consider picking up Thy Fearful Symmetry”. I’ve yet to watch much of Supernatural, though I almost certainly will find out what all the fuss has been about at some point, so I’ll take the lady’s word for it.

The same day, Ginger Nut of Horror Jim McLeod included Thy Fearful Symmetry amongst his best horror novels of the year. Being a highlight in anybody’s reading year is going to make me extremely happy. Being a highlight of Jim’s year makes me happier still – I follow his blog to keep abreast of the genre and find new authors, so I know what he’s been reading. The company he’s put me in is a bit humbling to be honest, and when he points out that “Richard Wright has crafted a novel that can stand proud against the best of what this genre has produced” it makes me want to bounce up and down like tigger.

If you enjoyed the novel, and want to help give it a final 2012 push, consider gifting it to your Kindle-owning friends for xmas. You can do so on Amazon, and even pick the day on which it will download automatically to their device. If you’re struggling for a last minute gift, give it a whirl. You could do the same with Cuckoo if you like, which is still at it’s 99 cent pre-marathon price. I should warn you though, there’s nothing christmassy about Cuckoo. Nobody has ever read that book and been left with a craving for some mulled wine, a mince pie, and peace on earth…

Tomorrow, I take the family off for our Christmas break, so will be spending the apocalypse in the air. You may think I’m tempting fate. The way I see it though, if there isn’t an apocalypse then I’ll get off that plane and be in Thailand, currently my favourite place on earth. On the other hand, if there is an apocalypse while I’m on the plane then I’ll have a fecking awesome view. It’s win-win.

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