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Crash And Plan

November 16, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

The biggest problem with tremendous experiences, of course, is that they end.

Having travelled halfway around the world to meet up with splendid writing and publishing types, and rediscovering what a joyous thing it is just to spend time with people who share this strange ambition to create stuff that didn’t exist before, there’s a sense of disconnect when it all ends. Shroud Publishing owner Tim Deal puts it extremely well in his melancholic posting here. That’s pretty much how I feel, at the moment.

Still, life goes on, and the job now is to channel that creative restlessness into actual things. A different type of bubble, and a more isolated one, but that’s the nature of it. I’ve reminded myself that I only got to do the one thing, because of the other. That’s the trade-off.

And I have a plan. It was developed in a cabin in the Maine woods, with snow dripping from the trees outside. It covers what I’ll be doing for the next fourteen months – the things I want to do, and how I want to go about it. It’s insanely ambitious, but plans need to be if they’re going to catch and hold my attention.

It’s so foolishly ambitious, in fact, that I’m a bit frightened of it. That’s a good sign.

I won’t lay everything out here just now – forgive me, but I’m cautious that way. Some immediate things that need my attention though, include:

– Wrapping a novella called The God Of Many Masks. This got derailed this summer (because it kicked my arse). It needs done now, even if it never sees the light of day, because I hate unfinished business.

– Finishing the first draft of a story I pitched, which I foolishly told the editor that I would write in blank verse. Normally, a short story wouldn’t require a big commitment of time, but blank verse? Yeah. I have a January deadline, but if I don’t start now, I won’t make it.

– Thinking about Craven Place. This, I think, is next year’s self-published novel project. One thing I learned in publishing Thy Fearful Symmetry is that you cannot plan and prepare enough. The novel is finished (in fact, two chapters have already seen print in the occasional digital edition of Shroud Magazine, and the first chapter also appeared as an extra at the end of Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow). The novel has been finished for a while now, and begging me to decide what to do with it. I think I just have.

And those are just things I need to do before I start in on the plan. Busy times, and it all starts tomorrow morning. I’ll keep you informed (whether you like it or not).

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