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Almost Anthocon

November 9, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life


Hello Portsmouth, New Hampshire. I am inside you now.

Specifically, for those in the area wondering how to kill a weekend, I’m in the Holiday Inn hotel, waiting to start helping out setting up the Anthocon convention which formerly opens its doors this afternoon, and runs until everybody collapses at some point on Sunday. It should be a good time.

As you’ll know if you’re on Twitter, I’ve actually been in the US since Sunday (after last year’s jetlagged World Horror experience in Austin, I’ve learned my lesson about realistic recovery time when travelling halfway around the world). I spent Monday wandering about in Boston, doing a very pleasing ‘nothing much’, and then went to see friends Rob (Rob is one of my fellow Hiram Grange authors) and Sara Davies for dinner at theirs. Rob made Jumbalaya happen in a deeply satisfying way, and there was much talk of elections and other matters.

On Tuesday I caught a bus up to Maine, to spend a couple of days with designer Danny Evarts and his partner Tommy. They gave me their guest house (more of a guest mansion, to be honest) in the woods, where I now wish to go and live. It’s a beautiful part of the world, and made me even happier by snowing all over the place on Wednesday night. I looked out of the window at one point, and there was a flock of twenty or so wild turkeys moping about in the lee of the house, en route to the lake (Tommy and Danny have their own lake – clearly, something cosmic has got itself mixed up, as they’re living in my perfect home).

Went along to a polling station when I arrived, just to see democracy in action, and the results came in while I was in the cabin in the woods. Although I was in some ways looking forward to four years of international comedy hijinks courtesy of the Reds, I suppose I’m glad the Blues came through. Nostalgia for the comic gold of the Bush years probably isn’t a valid reason to want a Romney-led US trying to work out what the rest of the world is, and what to do to it.

It’s a good feeling, crossing the whole globe, only to be invited into somebody’s house for dinner and more. I’ve had an exceptionally relaxing time, just hanging out with good people, so much so that I’m worried the convention itself is going to be an anticlimactic end to the whole trip! I’m sure that won’t be the case of course, when it kicks off.

Which it will do, very soon. If you’re in the area, I hope you’ll come down and spend some time. It’s a great size for tis sort of thing. Big enough that there are plenty of panels, dealers, and art on display, and small enough not to get lost and overwhelmed in.

Speaking of which, I’ve an hour or so left to freshen up before I go down and help set up (I may carry a thing, or possibly two things, who knows). Best get to it.

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