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Big Dumb Stuff

October 7, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

We’re back from Singapore, where we spent a week doing big, dumb stuff.

Universal Studios! Awesomeballs! Rides! Junk food! People dressed up as other people, also, things! Most ludicrously exciting – a Battlestar Galactica store, with nothing but exclusive BSG-Themed-Merchandise-You-Don’t-Need (BTMYDN, should I ever need to write that out again – feel free to use this acronym any time you need to). We went a bit nuts, and now possess:

  • BSG hats!
  • BSG t-shirts!
  • BSG notepads!
  • BSG nightwear!
  • BSG key fobs!
  • BSG fridge magnets!

Only marginally less exciting, a ‘3D’ Transformers ride that blew our brains out through our ears! Big, dumb fun was experienced, on an epic scale. Also, Eva met Hitler! She was amazed at how very jolly he was.

Singapore Zoo! Natureballs! Animals! Conservation! A night safari! A genuinely terrific zoo, well worth going to if you end up Singapore-side.

Science Centre! Educationballs! Exhibits! How stuff works! A ‘tsunami simulator’ that allowed us to experience the full force of a slightly windy day in Glasgow! Not, to be fair, the top of my wish list of places to spend a day, but when your daughter asks to spend a day looking at science stuff, you don’t argue about it…

Shopping Malls! Exoribitantballs! Expensive shopping, that we could do just as easily in New Delhi, for less money! Whee!

Noodles! Tastyballs! Proper Chinese cooking! Old style family recipes! A chatty taxi driver pointed out the otherwise unobtrusive Old House, declaring the noodles to be the best in Singapore. I can only agree. It’s on Neil Road, near Chinatown, and the recipes have been passed down by the owner’s grandfather. I now have awesome tips for making proper soup, because the owner is chatty, and doesn’t mind who knows his secrets. It’s also exceptionally cheap. Make the effort to find this place. It doesn’t look like much, but the food is stunning (ask for the Thick Noodle Soup from the menu, and enjoy).

Singapore Sling! Boozeballs! A visit to Raffles hotel, to watch my ladywife enjoy a ‘classic’ Singapore Sling’ in the Long Bar while I sipped a six pound bottle of water!

Overall? Loved Singapore. A beautiful, clean, organised modern city, full of stuff to keep a family entertained. Will consider a return visit before I leave the Far East. It’s sanitised fun, but a fun nonetheless.

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  1. ChenOctober 7, 2012 at 5:20 pm

    Singapura is Amazeballs!! Next trip i recommend Genting Highlands in Malaysia. or Legoland. 🙂

  2. Richard WrightOctober 7, 2012 at 6:15 pmAuthor

    I may at that – thanks Chen.

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