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Secrets & Spoons

September 18, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

Today, I’m the featured blogger over at Hopelessly Devoted Bibliophile, which last week gave Thy Fearful Symmetry a glowing review. Thanks to Jessica, who runs the site, for inviting me back – I’m talking mostly about love, faith, and the end of the world. Go see! There’s a surprise waiting for anybody who checks it out – once you have, share the link widely. Not a link to here, but a link to the Bibliophile. You’ll see why.

If you don’t already own a copy of TFS for your Kindle, it’s particularly important that you head over today and have a look. I can’t say any more than that. Men will come and do things to me, possibly with spoons, if I let slip about the free…

Hang on. There’s a banging on my door, not unlike that made by the forcible use of spoons. It’s probably nothing. Back in a minute…

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