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Countdown… (oh balls)

September 24, 2012 by Richard Wright in Getting Fitter, Journal, Running

So this is still happening, is it?


Less than a week to go before the half marathon on Sunday. Thirteen and a bit miles through the hot streets of Delhi. Last week, I was hopeful that I’d picked up an achilles tendon injury that would prevent me from competing, but unfortunately I recovered.


That said, the training’s gone pretty well. I ran nine and a half miles yesterday (about fifteen kilometres, metric fans), and am pretty sure I could have kept going for another four if ‘d needed to. I don’t even hurt too much today. That’s something. I don’t have any real ambitions for a specific time, and haven’t been training long or hard enough to expect anything impressive. If I can finish, I’ll be happy. It’s my first time, after all.

I’m actually looking forward to it, in an anxious, childish sort of way. Having a bit of paper with a number on it is eye opening though. It’s made a distant thing very immediate.

This week, apart from a midweek jog of a couple of miles, I don’t intend to go out running at all until the big day. As one Ben W pointed out on Facebook, there’s no time left to get fitter, so I might as well be rested instead.

Oh, balls.

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