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Huzzah! Another deliberately provocative, entirely misleading, blog post title! Did you miss them?

It’s a running update, actually, Which you probably haven’t been craving so much. That won’t stop me though.

Generally, things are going fairly well. The four times a week training schedule has held, and I’ve been coping fine as the distance inches upwards. On Sunday morning I ran five and a half miles, and though it was a slow pace, it got it done. The best thing about the run was picking India Gate as my halfway point (photo by my splendid ladywife). It’s invigorating, running through the crowds around a major international landmark. Now I know why Rocky includes at least one iconic location in each of the transformational training montages he performs before a big fight.

I’ve also been out running with a partner a couple of times. I’ve resisted doing this in the past. The idea of somebody nattering into my ear as I desperately try not to collapse in a terminal heap has never really appealed. Steph’s easy going though (yes, the same Steph who somehow persuaded me that doing a marathon was a great idea), so I thought I’d give it a try. I knew it was going to work out fine when she fired up her iPod as we started off the first day.

The only problem with Steph… she kills me. Her pace is better than a minute a mile faster than mine, and that’s not even pushing herself. I sense she would struggle to go slower and still call it a workout. I end up utterly whipped, very quickly indeed. I can hold to her for a couple of miles, but then… kaput. I’m empty. Used up and spat out. She’s a fiend.

I enjoy it though. Running faster than I usually can, even for quite short distances, is already feeding back into my normal runs – after the inhumanity of trying to keep up with her, my regular pace has picked up almost on its own, without feeling like so much of a push. It’s all relative, I suppose.

Anyway, can’t stay and chat. The last couple of weeks have been a bit horrible, for various offline reasons, and have left me frantically trying to catch up with obligations.

Normal service will be resumed, as soon as I’ve cleared the decks.

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