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Thy Fearful Symmetry in India, and other stories

August 22, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

God, it never fails, does it? I declare I’m offline for three days, and something happens that won’t wait until Saturday to tell you about.

This is a post for my Indian friend, especially those who have wondered about my secret life as a writer (my books not being easily available in India). Today, Amazon launched the Indian Kindle store. You can now buy Kindle ebooks direct from Amazon, in India.

Which means you can get hold of my new novel Thy Fearful Symmetry right now.

And it’s completely free on Amazon for the next couple of days.

That’s why I’ve broken my moratorium. By the time I’m back online properly on Saturday, the book will be full price again. Go and take advantage, and if you have friends who might be interested, tell them to go and get it now as well.

You don’t even need a Kindle to read it – Amazon provide free software for smartphones, tablets, and computers that lets you read Kindle titles on the device of your choice.

Same goes for everybody outside India as well, of course. Clock’s ticking. If you want a copy, now’s the best time to get one.

The link for the Indian Kindle store is When I’m back, I’ll throw up some specific links, but go and search out Thy Fearful Symmetry right now, and save yourself some rupees later.

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