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Getting Fitter

Training Sri Lanka Style

I’m still in Sri Lanka, doing… well, not too much of anything. It’s brilliant. Sri Lankan jungle is cool.

That’s not to say I’m doing nothing at all. I’m rewriting two projects at the moment, both books (one being the final edit of Thy Fearful Symmetry) receiving equal attention during the monsoon bits of the holiday (every few hours, but followed by lovely sunshine, so that’s all right).

I’ve also begun my formal half marathon training, running through paddy fields and up beaches. Not a bad way to get started. Until the big run on September the 30th, I’ll be doing some form of training each day. Four of those will be running, with some light cross training on rest days. Ooooo – it’s all feeling very real, suddenly. My legs are empty. I’d forgotten how much running on sand sucks you dry.

I’ve also been taking advantage of pools to swim every day. I’m rubbish. This is still a big improvement on not being able to swim at all. I can do a length, but it isn’t pretty…

Later today, when America catches up with the rest of us (come on America), World’s Collider will finally be released. I’m looking forward to enjoying the apocalypse by the pool, via my Kindle. While I’ve read bits and pieces of the rest of the book while writing my own contribution, I’m desperate to find out how it holds up as a single mosaic novel. Exciting! I’ll blog again a bit later, when I know the book is officially launched. Pop back then!

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