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July 17, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, News, Writing

It’s been no time at all since I announced that I’d sold my story ‘The Sandfather’ to the new Dark Faith anthology from Apex Books, and yet it’s almost time for it to be released. As you can see, the cover has been revealed along with the final title, Dark Faith: Invocations. The book itself will be launched at Worldcon in Chicago at the end of August (the 70th Worldcon, so should be quite a bash). I can’t be there unfortunately, but if you are then go along then you could do me a huge favour by dropping in and saying hello to the book for me. You’ll recognise it by the glorious cover, pictured here.

We may disagree on many things, you and I, but I trust we all concur that the cover image is fecking gorgeous.

You might have read the original Dark Faith in 2010, and might faintly recall that I had a story called ‘Sandboys’ in it. You might wonder whether there’s any connection between that story in the previous volume, and ‘The Sandfather’ in the upcoming one. Is it actually a sequel?

The answer is: it can be, if you want. I write true things for the Dark Faith books, then dust them over with sand.

I’ll say no more, and let you find out. I’m proud of the story, and still a little bewildered that books this classy want anything to do with me.

You can pre-order the book from Apex Books right now, for $16.95. if you tell then I sent you, by adding ‘DFWright’ to the coupon code box when paying, they’ll even knock 10% off the price. And if you do want to check out ‘Sandboys’, and many other stories, you can buy both books together for $25.


I’m pleased to say that since my last blog, there’s been some genuine review feedback on Amazon for World’s Collider. While the troll’s review remains, it’s at least counter-balanced by some reviews from people who have read and enjoyed the book. You can be one of those happy campers too – the paperback is now also available to buy direct from Amazon. Check out the book page for links.

I have to apologise at this stage for having a glut of great books available at the same time. Usually, I give you months to save your pennies, but it hasn’t quite worked out that way this summer. I can’t say I hope it’s a one off though…

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