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The Sandfather, Twitchers, & Fleeing Bunting

June 1, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

With apologies to those who’ve stopped by looking for it, there will be no update this week about Thy Fearful Symmetry, and the journey towards an August publication date. There are several reasons, but the biggest is that I’m away this weekend. I’m running from bunting, which is springing up everywhere in celebration of an elderly lady sitting in an uncomfortable looking chair for a very long time. Too weird, even for me. It makes me grind my teeth. I’m fleeing, and staying the hell offline until Tuesday.

Which is a shame in some ways, as I now have the second painting from Malcolm McClinton, a summer blockbuster extravaganza that you’re going to love. I’d give it short shrift if I tried to write about it today though. I’ve also seen what’s in Emma’s head, and how have a sense of what the novel itself might look like. I love it too, with very little help from me she’s nailed the essence of the book.

Next week, I promise I’ll clue you in a little. I’ll also tell you why I think Createspace is better than Lulu except when it isn’t, and you can tell me if I’m wrong.

It’s been a very good week, from a writing standpoint. I’ve known for a couple of days now, but as the editor has announced it, I can share that my story ‘The Sandfather’ will appear in the upcoming anthology Dark Faith 2. You should remember Dark Faith from a couple of years back, which contained my tale ‘Sandboys’. This both is, and isn’t necessarily, a revisit to that story. You’ll have to wait a while to see what I mean.

I also wrapped the very final edit on ‘Twitchers’, for the Nightscape Press anthology World’s Collider. My edits were mostly approving the additions editor Richard Salter has inserted to make sure the overall plot of this ‘novel in many voices’ hangs together properly. The changes allude to things the other writers have done, and whetted my appetite for the whole book. Though I know my own tale – obviously – and a lot of details from many other stories (and have read a couple in various drafts), I can’t wait to be able to start on the first page and lose myself in the whole story. It will be an adventure! Nightscape are currently offering a free copy of the book, in a giveaway at Goodreads. Go and sign up, and cross your fingers.

Finally, work progresses well on the not-yet-announced summer novella from publisher-I-can’t-name yet. I’ve missed my personal first draft deadline as of 24 hours ago, but as my personal deadline was stricter than the editor was expecting, this isn’t a big problem yet.

And I can nearly swim! Except when I can’t! It’s at that ‘nearly’ stage, where I can do all the bits, and sort of bring them together, but it’s going to be a while yet before they come together properly. More on that soon, too.

So, hold your horses, basically. I’ll be back next week, and hope you will too.

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