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Sri Lanka Bound

June 30, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

In  a couple of hours, I’ll be jumping into a car with the lady and our evil offspring, and catching a flight to Sri Lanka. Nyer nyer nyer.

I’ll be away for a couple of weeks, and though I’ll have Internet access, I only plan to make occasional use of it. If I’m around online, it will most likely be via Twitter. In the absence of semi-regular blogging, here’s a quick round up of stuff that’s happening.

  • Thy Fearful Symmetry – I know what the cover of this summer’s apocalypse novel looks like, and it’s exceptionally beautiful. When I get back, I’ll show you too, I promise. Actually, when I get back, I’ll be doing all of the graft needed to publish the book in August. It’s likely to get a bit frantic…
  • His Work To See – the free prelude to TFS, and a story in its own right, remain free to download at Smashwords in whatever ebook format you prefer. The distribution process has started to kick in now, which means you can also download the book form free on the iTunes bookstore. More to follow. Amazon, misers that they are, still refuse to allow you to have it for free if you grab it there, but it’s as cheap as they’ll let me make it. A lot of people have downloaded this book in the last week, which is good, but I’d prefer more. If you hang out somewhere – online or off – where people who might want a free book also gather, please do tell them where to get this one.
  • World’s Collider – As fellow contributor James Moran would almost certainly declaim in a big bold voice – Exciteballs! World’s Collider, the multi-author apocalypse novel featuring my tale ‘Twitchers’ will be released while I’m in Sri Lanka. Save yourself the need for a reminder, and go and pre-order it for the Kindle or in paperback.

I know I’m missing things, but that’s what comes to mind right now. Exciteballs!

See you in a couple of weeks.

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