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June 9, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, News

I think it’s time for a new website, don’t you? There’s a lot of new writing coming in the next few months (Thy Fearful Symmetry, His Work To See, World’s Collider, Dark Faith 2), and that makes it a good time to overhaul this place. What do you think? Prod it and pull it to your heart’s content, and let me know if anything breaks.

There’s some blank space here and there, where I’m leaving room for things that aren’t quite ready yet. As you go further back through time, there will also be an increasing number of missing thumbnails, but I’m not too worried about that. I’ll call it work in progress.

One thing you should definitely do, right now, is sign up for the newsletter on the right. I’ve had newsletters before, which some of you may have signed up for. I stopped maintaining them in this new age of social media, where you can follow what I’m up to in a dozen different places. Unfortunately, that’s also a dozen different places where you’re following a lot of other things too, and if you’re not logged in soon after an announcement, you’re likely never to see it.

The email newsletter should address that. I won’t bombard you – the plan is to send you an email at the end of each month, with a summary of anything important you might have missed, along with some links to whatever it was.

As extra incentive, from August onwards, there will be a monthly draw for at least six months. Each month, the winner out the hat will get a free print copy of His Work To See. If you’re going to Anthocon in November, you’ll be able to grab one of these at my author table there. There’s a chance I may print some more up after that, for similar events. However, outside of those opportunities, you won’t be able to get a paper version of this outside of the newsletter.

What are you waiting for? Sign up, then prod the site until it bleeds. I need to know what to fix…

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