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Anthocon Booked

May 10, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

It’s all booked, and good to go. In November this year, I’ll be hauling myself back across the globe to the USA, and joining the fun at Anthocon. It’s held in Porstmouth, where New Hampshire meets Maine, from 9th – 11th November. I’m looking forward to catching up with friends (shaking hand with some for the first time), making new ones, and enjoying a November as it should be. Here in India, it’s warm and sunny in November. That just isn’t right.

Among other things, I’ll have an author table at Anthocon. I’m not quite sure what to do with an author table. Sit on it, perhaps, while wearing a conical hat with the word ‘author’ scribbled on it. People who aren’t authors can stare as they walk past, or prod me with sticks to see if it makes me write stuff. People who are authors can point and laugh, probably from the bar. I do hope some of you folks will come along, if only so you can nod supportively in my general direction as you wander between events.

I suppose I’ll have books there. Cuckoo, of course, and Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow. By then, World’s Collider will be available, so I’ll try to have some copies of that to hand too. Though you don’t know anything about it yet, I’ll also have a free mini-book available, on actual paper, called When The Stars Threw Down Their Spears. All you’ll have to do to claim one is come up and say hello. The REASON I’ll be giving this away, will be to promote the new novel.

The title of the novel will mean something to some of you, and nothing to most. It’s called Thy Fearful Symmetry, and I blow up the whole world in it, more or less.

If you want to know more, pop back here on Saturday, and every Saturday, until I publish it in August. It’s one of two new books I’ll have available that month. The other I can’t talk about, though I’m writing it right now. Thy Fearful Symmetry is this year’s self-publishing experiment. After rereleasing Cuckoo last year (it covered its costs very quickly, and continues to find new readers) , I’m keen to keep exploring the world of self-publishing at the same time as I work other projects with publishers. The thing with self-publishing is, it’s easy to get wrong. This year, I’ll let you see just how wrong, or right, it can be. Every Saturday, we’ll sit down, and I’ll tell you what I’m doing to prepare for releasing the book*. I have ideas. Some are sensible, and others are a leap of faith. It’ll be fun.

Of course, it’s a long way to August. Many, many, many self-published authors will wonder what could possibly take that long. Some will even wonder why such a series of blogs couldn’t just be daily, and last less than a week before the book is thrown up on Amazon (especially as this novel’s pretty much finished).

Well, read along and find out. There are good reasons. You might disagree with them, and I’ll welcome any and all comments as we go along (you might even steer me in directions I wouldn’t find myself, and vice versa). Lively debate will be actively encouraged.

I promise not to preach. I can’t, even if I was inclined to, as I’m feeling my way through this just like everyone else. Part of the fun could easily include me falling on my backside, and you lot pointing and laughing. That’s fine. We’ll all walk away wiser, and some will have cheered up considerably.

Right, I need to go away and do stuff. My writing tip for the day:

When you have a generous deadline, write it down correctly. If you don’t, you’ll look like the worst kind of cack-handed amateur when you casually fail to deliver, and leave yourself frantically scribbling at the last minute, with blind panic jumping up and down in your head.

I think it was Oscar Wilde who said that, based on his own personal experience. Or, possibly, me. Oh – writing rule two:

If this does happen to you, don’t waste time writing a chatty blog about stuff! You’ve got things to do! Shut down the Interweb, and get on with it!

Oh… erm… right. See you Saturday…


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