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Postcards From The End

March 21, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

Behold, the full promotional postcard for World’s Collider, which you’ll find in swag bags handed out at the World Horror Convention in Salt Lake City next month. Marvel at its prettiness! Quiver with trepidation at the promise of doom it offers! Moisten uncomfortably at the tantalising promise that the book is “Coming Summer 2012”!

Not long now…

Other than that, I have nothing. There’s plenty happening, both as a writer and as an actual human person, but none of it is currently fit for a blog. The writing stuff, including two big releases for later this year that haven’t been announced yet, isn’t greenlit for disclosure yet. The human person stuff is for another time, when the dust has settled and perspective is owned. It’s been a troublesome couple of weeks though, and no mistake.

But for now – marvel, quiver, and moisten! More soon.

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