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More Machine Now, Than Man

March 17, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

The foot could not be saved, and they were forced to amputate. Fortunately, they had Robocop’s right foot aside for just such an emergency. I am now able to stomp slowly and awkwardly around crime infested slums, although as I’m completely unarmed, this is not an advantage.

Not really.

It’s a pneumatic boot/cast. There are airbags inside that I inflate when I put it on (to immobilise the ankle), and deflate when I take it off. I was sceptical, but it’s a big improvement. Yesterday, I was dragging myself around on two crutches, keeping all weight off the foot, and it was bloody exhausting. Now I can hobble about with one stick, and life is easier.

If only it made an electronic whirrr thunk noise every time I took a step, my life would be complete. If it did that, I’d buy a matching one for my other foot, and wear them all the time.

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