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Broken Bones & New Reviews

February 18, 2012 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Gravity can be a fickle bugger. My daughter Eva has been making mock of it for most of her eight years on this earth, and it has happily turned a blind eye to her childish impudence. Today, it had a change of heart, and decided to object to her tree climbing antics.

Four and a half hours in the emergency rooms at Max Super Specialty Hospital (I’m not making that up), and I have a daughter in a cast. Her wrist is fractured quite badly, and on Monday we have a return visit to find out whether she’s going to need surgery to pin some shattered bits of bone back where they should be. Fingers crossed that this can be avoided – but the doctors did not seem terribly optimistic.

There’s nothing quite like hearing your kid scream while people try to pull bones back into shape to unleash quite primal things in you. It obviously made for a glum, stressful day.

When I got back in, however, I found two new reviews waiting for me. As both of them are rather good, this went some way towards cheering me up again. Stuart Douglas (head of Obverse Books, and a man who knows a ripping yarn when he sees one) reviews Hiram Grange and the Nymphs of Krakow on his website, and finds it good. Elsewhere, Elise Hattersley (who did my World’s Collider interview) reviews Cuckoo, and also says some very nice things indeed.

Thanks to both, for taking the sharp edges off the day.

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