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Wildthyme In Purple

pur·ple (pûrpl) n.

1. Any of a group of colours with a hue between that of violet and red.
2. Cloth of a colour between violet and red, formerly worn as a symbol of royalty or high office.
3. Imperial power; high rank: e.g born to the purple.
4. In the Roman Catholic Church, the rank or office of a cardinal or a bishop

And now 5. Those literary worlds visited by Iris Wildthyme where the prose is as sensual, convoluted and self-aggrandising as Iris herself…

Includes the short story ‘The Many Lives of Zorro’, by Richard Wright.

Also featuring new Iris tales from Jim Mortimore, Steve Mollman, David McIntree, Paul Ebbs, Simon Bucher-Jones, Geoffrey Hammell, Steffan Alun, Dale Smith, Richard Salter, Ian McLaughlin, Nick Campbell, and Cody Quijano-Schell.


“The Many Lives of Zorro, by Richard Wright illustrates the true horror of being a fictional being, as Zorro’s contradictory continuities come into conflict, and he must be retconned to save the fabric of reality. Silly though it is, it genuinely manages to conjure up some existential dread.” – Daniel Tessier, Immaterial

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Wildthyme in Purple (Iris Wildthyme)

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