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Births, Deaths, and Bawbags

December 12, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Whaddaya mean, where have I been? Where have you been, eh? Answer me that!

Oh all right, mea culpa. Never go to bed on an argument, and all that. It’s not even as though I have nothing to say – there’s a fair whack of news to impart, truth be told. I’ll post a bit more about a few things (Polonius, World’s Collider, Cuckoo, Hiram Grange, Iris Wildthyme, and possibly more) in the next day or two. I also have a barrage of emails to send, so if you’re waiting for one, it won’t be too long.

First though, it’s been a sad and crazy time in the Wright household following the death of my mother-in-law Anne. It wasn’t a sudden or terribly unexpected demise, as she’s been battling Alzheimer’s Disease for a while now, a horrible condition marked by an erosion of self and identity that I find genuinely horrific. It’s a mercy, given how protracted the disease can be, that it’s taken her comparatively quickly. As many of you are aware though, we’ve been in India for the last couple of years, at arm’s length from our families, and when something like this happens you feel it more keenly for the distance. My daughter, who had a very close relationship with her Nana before we left, has been particularly affected (she’s doing okay now, but it hit very hard – heartbreaking to see).

Anne’s cremation will take place on Friday in her native Glasgow (if you knew her, and might like to attend, drop me a line and I’ll send you the details). She’s asked for no flowers to be sent. Instead, anybody who wishes to mark her passing is invited to make a donation to MND Scotland (formerly the Scottish Motor Neurone Disease Association), a charity very dear to her heart. Even if you didn’t know her, I’d encourage you to make a one off donation to the charity anyway. Like Alzhemer’s, MND is incurable, and forces families to watch somebody they love wither away. Charities like this offer support to those families at the very blackest times, as well as the sufferers themselves), and in giving them your money you’re doing the most admirably human thing it’s possible to do (helping people you might never even meet).

I’m still in India, although my wife has headed back to offer her brothers what help she can running up to the funeral. It wasn’t the best of journeys – the timing was such that she landed right in the middle of the terrifically named Hurricane Bawbag, and was stuck on the plane for two hours because they couldn’t safely attach an air bridge. After that, she couldn’t get her bag back (it was finally sent to her yesterday) because they wouldn’t unpack it from the plane on the day. Note to self – when flying into a Bawbag, ensure a change of underwear is in the hand luggage.

Bawbag, though. The Scottish gets their worst storm in over a decade, call it Bawbag, and jeers at it until it goes away, slight shamefaced. I’m proud of you, Scotland.

Finally, I’d like to say a belated hello to Deacon, my newest nephew, who joined his family a little prematurely this month. Circle of life, and all that mawkishness. Welcome aboard, Deacon.

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  1. JackieDecember 12, 2011 at 3:57 pm

    Terribly sad to hear about K’s mom. I remember her from the wedding; she definitely seemed to adore her granddaughters. I’m sure this is hard for Ava. (As well as everyone else, of course.) My sincere condolences. xo

    Congrats on the nephew!

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