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December 28, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Motor Santa

So, how was your Xmas haul? I hope you were gifted with the material possessions you’ve always dreamed of, and consumed all manner of food and drink with conspicuous excess. My own Xmas dinner was furnished on the lawns of the Imperial Hotel here in Delhi. While over-priced, this nevertheless had the advantage of my not having to go near an oven, which was nice. It also came with raiders. Pariah kites dive bombed the tables for scraps, palm squirrels and crows cavorted among the buffet selection, and Santa gate-crashed on a motorbike. It all made for a memorable afternoon in the sun.

As for conspicuous consumption, the central feature of my own Xmas takings was a gloriously expensive Mont Blanc pen. It’s an entirely unnecessary luxury that I in no way need, but have wanted for a couple of years anyway. I’m pretty easy to buy for, once you get the hang of it. If in doubt, lovely things to write on or with will always make me happy.

What of yourself? Anything to make you smile? Statistically, there’s a chance that at least some of you walked away with a new Kindle or other ebook reader. If so, allow me to point you in the direction of Cuckoo (links at the bottom of the page), and suggest that it’s a perfectly affordable title to help begin your electronic library.

My very favourite gift of the season is the following, received by my wife.

The packaging’s proud declaration that the contents are, in fact, BETTER THAN A TOWEL amused me more than it probably had a right to. I have now been around the house and noted many other things that are BETTER THAN A TOWEL, as well as some things which are simply NOT AS GOOD AS A TOWEL. You should make your own list too, because you never know when somebody is going to ask you to make a qualitative judgement on the worth of an object in strict reference to how it compares with a towel. It pays to be prepared.

I can confirm that all of my books are, point for point, BETTER THAN A TOWEL.

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