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2011 (or, thank god that’s over)

December 31, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life


And the sun goes down in 2011. I’m unwell today, nursing a deeply unhappy stomach, and so not in a particularly celebratory mood. It’s the perfect representative way to end a year that hasn’t been great for me. Thankfully, the things that have been wrong, and which have kicked at my self-esteem and ambitions, have more or less resolved this month. I don’t need resolutions to fix anything, and for that I’m thankful. I can step into 2012 with something like actual optimism.

Of course, 2011 hasn’t been a total bust. This year has included jaunts to Nepal, Malaysia, the USA, and the United Arab Emirates. There were island cruises, desert safaris, airborne glimpses of Everest, and overdue in-person introductions to the Shroud Publishing crew, none of which are to be sniffed at.

There were writing achievements too, including the release of a new edition of my novel Cuckoo (which I’ve just noticed from the sales figures, is selling far more on the B&N Nook than any other format – a bit baffling, but it’s good to know that books can still sell without Amazon and the Kindle). Short stories appeared in Kizuna and Wildthyme in Purple, and the English translation of the stage play Polonius was published in paperback more than a decade after being written.

As for next year, I already know there will be short stories in the World’s Collider anthology and Shroud Magazine, and (at least) one novel towards the end of the year. More on those soon. I closed last year with nothing due to be published at all – always a scary position to be in – so it’s good to know there are already irons in the fire for 2012 (providing they all get into print before the world ends, of course).

As always, thanks for reading along. I’m glad you’re out there, and hope you send 2011 off with gusto.

See you next year!

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