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Living From Writing IV: Deadline

October 25, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing


My final post about publishing, and striving to be a full time writer.It follows three other posts, here, here, and here. They give the background to this, so check them out first.

You might well wonder why I’ve been blogging about the state of the publishing industry, and what I see as the ramifications of that. It’s because I still hope to write full time, one day. I’m tired of the scattergun approach though. It doesn’t work for me. I can’t just keep pitching stones in random directions, and hoping to strike lucky.

A while ago, a wrote this blog. It had a deadline in it. The deadline has moved on (see the above). That’s how long I gave myself to either move closer to making the ambition a real thing, or quit*. Because I can’t just sit back, cross my fingers, and hope I’m doing the right thing, I decided to spend a while looking at publishing, in order to give myself the best chance of doing the right thing. I don’t know yet what’s going to tell me whether I’ve moved further toward making the ambition reality yet, but I suspect it will either be a crushing disappointment in what I achieve in the next 1071 days, or a sense of genuine excitement in how far I’ve come. That’s will be what defines success or failure, and cause me to push on or abandon the road.

As you can tell from the last post, that road for me depends on whether I’m right in suspecting that the only thing I can do to make things work is earn the trust of readers. That’s a big deal for me. I genuinely believe that any success a relatively unknown writer might develop can only come from a partnership with readers. I have to write things you’ll enjoy. You have to find out that I’m doing just that, and come to expect it of me enough to look forward to buying what I write.

That trust always has to start somewhere, and if you’ve been reading along with this, I hope you’ll let it be here. Find out if I’m an author you could begin to trust. I encourage you to do so, because you might be reader who will come to trust me. That’s what we both want.

To that end, please consider buying the new edition of Cuckoo. I don’t ask this lightly. You have eyes, ears, and a brain, and I know that if I let you down with this book, you won’t be back for more. I said as much in the last post.

Maybe I won’t let you down though, and maybe it will spark just a flicker of what might later become confidence in my stories. I want you to be somebody who sees my name on a book, and knows from that moment that you’re going to enjoy what’s coming next.

If you’re somebody who has already read and liked the book, and is beginning to think you might like more things I write, please consider putting a reader review on Amazon or Goodreads, or maybe just tell your friends about the book, on or offline.

Before I sign off, I see that these articles seem to have been shared a few places. If you’ve come here not knowing who I am, but want to keep up to date with my writing and see if it’s for you, either bookmark my website, follow my author page on Facebook, or follow me on Twitter. And thanks for reading.

Now, if you’ll excuse me, I need to get to get back to step 1 of the plan, and write some words.


*I don’t mean quitting writing fiction, you understand. I couldn’t if I wanted to. I mean quit the ambition, potter along as a hobbyist, and put my energies into something else I can achieve that might make me happy.

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