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Dubiety (You See What I Did There?)

October 2, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Life

Well, I hadn’t intended to blog while on holiday, but a quiet apartment, an evening in, and a wi-fi connection equals time and motivation.

Evening in, you say, aghast? Damn right. Dubai is ridiculously expensive. After a day spent shocking ourselves at how much we’re spending on really simple things, self-catering looked immensely appealing. A bit of a treat too. Though also expensive (I assume because almost everything on the shelves is imported), there are supermarkets here which have everything you could wish for. I had an idea for dinner this morning, strolled into a supermarket, and walked out ten minutes later with everything I needed. It’s sounds simple, but it can be much more difficult in India, and it’s something I miss about the UK (file under ‘things you don’t appreciate until they aren’t there’).

My first impressions of Dubai though, ingredients aside, isn’t all that favourable. It’s a massive sprawl of soulless modern architecture linked together by six lane highways. On the plus side, it’s clean, neat, and shiny. On the other hand, we’ve not come near to finding anything of the city’s heart or history. Most of today was spent in the world’s second biggest shopping mall, for example (and at some point this week, we’ll no doubt end up in the world’s biggest, a couple of metro stops further along). It’s stunning in many ways, but there has to be more to Dubai than that sort of spectacle.

They had a snow park though, with sledging. Great fun, though exactly the sort of ridiculous excess I’m seeing all around. It’s like a toy city for millionaires. It was incredibly surreal stepping from temperatures of minus four, into thirty-eight degree desert heat. I had numb fingers, in a desert. I haven’t had numb fingers since February 2009.

I miss numb fingers.

It’s going to take a bit of digging to work this place out, I think.

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