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Cuckoo 2011

August 28, 2011 by Richard Wright in Journal, Writing

The revised edition of my novel Cuckoo launches on Wednesday 31st August 2011 on the Kindle at Amazon, and in all ebook formats via Smashwords. Over the following days, it will also turn up in the iBookstore, the Nook store, the Sony reader store, the Stanza store… you get the idea. Whatever you prefer to read your ebooks on, there will be an edition of Cuckoo to suit. The paperback will follow just as soon as I’ve seen a proof copy I’m happy for you to pay money for.

The cover design is by the ridiculously talented Emma Barnes, of It’s got ideas from the covers of both previous editions of the novel, but I think it’s easily the best art the book has ever sat beneath. Wait until you see the full wraparound on the paperback…

Now is probably the right time to point the non-ebook owners among you to the Kindle free apps site. You can download free Kindle reading software for the PC, the Mac, the iPhone/iPod, Android, and mobiles running Windows 7. Once you have the software installed, you can grab the book for the cover price, without ever needing to buy an actual Kindle, and read it on whatever you already own. Although I’ve got a Kindle, I also have the reading software on my iPhone. I read Paul Finch’s Stronghold on it in Thailand. It’s, for want of a better word, neat.

I’ve been asked several times now how revised this revised version of the novel is. The answer is both “quite a bit” and “not very much at all”. A lot of phrasing and grammar use has changed, for example, because as you’d hope I’m a less clumsy writer than I was fifteen years ago. For the most part, the plot is the same. The world has changed a bit since I wrote the first edition, with technology and communications at the forefront of that, and so there are some tweaks and additions to reflect today’s world (originally only one character had a mobile phone, for example – inconceivable today!), and the ending of the book is perhaps a little murkier than it was. Not different, just less… erm… overt. There you go. It’s different, but also very much the same.

I am unable to comment further on rumours that the more curious of you might already be able to find Cuckoo on Amazon in the Kindle store, with a bit of searching. And that rumour that there appear to already have been some sales of it before I’ve even properly announced it? Couldn’t possibly say…

Launch day is Wednesday. Bring a bottle. I’ll be announcing other cool things to go along with the book, including a mini-blog tour, and a chance to win some freaking cool gear from Apex Books.

If you’re a book reviewer, and want to try your hand with Cuckoo, I can provide copies in whatever electronic format takes your fancy, from PDF to .mobi and .epub. Leave a comment (your email won’t be published) with your preference, and I’ll get back to you ASAP.

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